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Time has come to begin something new !

Hello and welcome to !!

This is, I hope, the first article of many others that will come in the future.

So, we are beginning this new adventure with a presentation article to discover this new website.

But, I am being rude, let me introduce myself, my name is Justin and I wish you welcome to ! I am fascinated by photography and I want to share this passion with this blog.

I have always appreciated to take photos of what I was doing (travels/walks/events/etc). But, I was doing it in a manner of « I see, I shoot« . Simply as that.

The thing for photography really came after a trip in London on November 2013.

WARNING : boring story in view !!! 🙂

London is a beautiful city that I like very much. I had scheduled one week in total immersion in the city. I had found an AirBnB room in the house of a very kind person. I made a lot of visits on different places and monuments of London. At the end, I walked in the city from East to west and from North to South (But I still have a lot of places to visit. A week is too short, next time I will go for a month !)

From all these visits came hundreds of photos. And at this time, I only wanted to bring back souvenirs and share what I saw and learned.

A compact camera had been lent to me for the occasion (thank you sister). When I used it during my visits, the overview on the small screen of the compact always showed me photos which seemed correct.

The truth was quite different when I came back home and I began to watch photos on the screen of my computer. For the most part, the photos were blurry, the sky overexposed, the shadows too dark, the horizon crooked… In summary, it did not show what I wanted… Nothing to be proud when had come the moment to share my trip.

It was after that that the photography began to interest me. And with it a new vocabulary (shutter speed, aperture, sensitivity, …), new rules (exposure triangle, the rule of thirds, …) new software to understand and a lot of existing equipments.

In December 2013, I broke my piggy-bank and I bought my first DSLR. It was the beginning!

Since 1989 jours 22 heures 26 minutes 11 secondes, exactly 


A blog ? Why ?

Since December 2015, I post every week a new photo on my Facebook page and I wanted more and more to join a text with it. A simple text or a text that brings reflexion to the reader, I like this way of interaction and to share it with the Internet. Moreover, I already had a domain name that I wanted to use for a portfolio.

The next logical step was my own website/personal blog, so I said : « Why not ? »

And voilà !!!

On, everybody is welcome, the beginner as the expert and also the curious interested about it.

Of course, I am not a big boss and I do not know everything (I am far from it) so I want this place to be a place of cooperation and of sharing around one principal theme : photography. The main goal is to progress together and to avoid to others to know the disappointments that I talked in the beginning of this article. And this, on any occasion (travel, event or just for the pleasure to take photos).

Personally, it is also a challenge for me. Usually, I am used to be on the reader side, to scroll over several blogs/websites that I like to visit. And even though that I am not a great writer, I want more and more to share and to write.

Oh! And because it is never too easy, I would like to write this website in two languages.

And by that, with this article, I want to apologise at our English-speaking friends for all the spelling and grammar mistakes I made or the ones I will certainly make in the future. Please let me know if you find some of them !

Of course, it is the same for the French-speaking community !

So, it is for me a first time , I like it and I hope you will too. 😉


What is in it for you?

In the first place, I would like to propose to you courses/tutorials to present different techniques/settings and others results of photos with entertaining articles to do some practice.

I would like to do some tests, essentially of equipments but of softwares too. And why not, about books/videos to give you my review on it.

I would also talk about events(culturals/sports/…) that allow the practice of the photo.

Of course, this list is not complete and it will certainly evolve in the future.

In terms of publications, I think that I would try to publish an article every 2 or 3 weeks. It will be dependent on my work. I wish on the other hand to keep publishing a photo every week (and why not more 😉 )

If you are curious about my work, you can see it with this link and it is also on Flickr. (A little personal advertising does not hurt)


It is a huge program! Subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the next articles.

Thank you for reading it all.

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about it in the comments section below.

And it is always appreciated to share on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ 😉



Justin, 15/05/2017

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